Groomer's Goop Liquid

Groomer's Goop Liquid

Competiton Grooming - The First Step version 2.0

We improved the Original Goop Hand Cleaner by enriching it so as to keep your pet's skin protected. But we didn't stop there.

We made a easy to apply liquid form.

Quick and Easy

Groomer's Goop Liquid is specially designed for easy application. It can be massaged into the pet's coat in seconds. Ideal if you need to wash multiple cats in a hurry.

Groomer's Goop Liquid contains the same enhanced formulation as the Groomer's Goop Créme.

The non-toxic, biodegradable, enriched formula contains glycerin, lanolin, vitamin E and Aloe Vera for important skin conditioning. It keeps your pet's skin protected while tackling tough cleanups like stud tail or removing tar, sap, blood, and even chewing gum.